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Tucson GMRS Association
The Southwest Community Radio System

The Tucson GMRS Association together with a handful of private repeater owners maintains one of the largest continuously linked GMRS repeater systems in the country, supporting over a thousand users; the Southwest Community Radio System, made available free of charge, no dues, to the licensed public.

Mission Statement
Tucson GMRS Association
Our Mission

To promote the use and development of the GMRS radio service and encourage a natural interest in radio communications with the community, thereby improving public well-being, safety, and emergency preparedness.

Get licensed
Need a GMRS License?

GMRS licenses have a $70 fee through the FCC and are valid for 10 years. The license covers an individual and their entire family (yes, even the in-laws!). Applying is easy, and there is no exam required!

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Latest Updates

Tucson GMRS Repeater Changes

WQVS960 May 29, 2022

Howdy! David 960 here: As of yesterday (5/28) we've completed the necessary hardware changes at the Lemmon 650…

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SWCRS ’22 Traffic Survey Results

WQVS960 May 8, 2022

Results from the '22 traffic survey are now available for download: SWCRS-Traffic-Survey-Synopsis-May-8-2022Download Summary: For the most part, traffic…

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Guthrie 600: Antenna Replaced.

WQVS960 March 13, 2022

New DB-411 up and running. Crew Tucson GMRS Assoc. the 960 Family (David, Beth, Owen & Ames) Summary…

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Kamp Kerchunk 2022

WQVS960 March 7, 2022

It's time to start gearing up for Kamp Kerchunk again! At the moment we are fully booked and…

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The Basics

General Mobile Radio Service

The GMRS is a licensed radio service that lets users of handheld, vehicle mounted and base radio devices communicate with one another.

As the service allows access to sophisticated equipment, communications over distances of a few to thousands of miles are possible.


Licensees may run up to 50 Watts of power on equipment certified for the service, including consumer radios as well as professional equipment.

Family Licensed

A single GMRS license covers you and your entire family, including the in-laws. Only one person needs to apply with the FCC, there is no exam!