Arizona GMRS Initiative


Our repeaters consist of a series of linked nodes registered with the myGMRS network. In developing our systems and infrastructure for our needs, why not share it with others?

The Arizona GMRS Initiative is a statewide linking project looking to develop the linking capabilities of GMRS repeaters throughout Arizona by sharing our infrastructure where there’s a need, and working with interested repeater owners to grow the prevalence of linked repeaters in our state.


The networking technology used by myGMRS is Asterisk with the APP_RPT module; this is the same software package used by Amateur Radio’s Allstar system, and will work readily with devices running the Allstar Link and HamVoIP images, or custom builds of the software. Devices running this system can act as full fledged repeater controllers, providing not just linking capabilities, but also repeater control functions and traveler’s services.

Our Infrastructure

Tucson GMRS hosts the Arizona Hub for the myGMRS network alongside the systems we use to host our own repeater cluster. We manage a scalable virtual server with Amazon Web Services in their NE Oregon data center. The server provides excellent uptime, bandwidth and latency for our users located throughout the country. The Arizona hub is open to all repeater owners and organizations within the state, with the National hub open to all repeaters on the myGMRS network throughout the country.

Internet linking with myGMRS is an easy and legal means to develop wide-coverage areas for GMRS repeater users; repeaters wishing to utilize the Arizona hub or any of our other hosted systems require conformance with our terms of use.

We also maintain a RoIP service which lets users access the repeater system from a desktop, smartphone or tablet. Users of this system have direct access to the Arizona Hub and any connected repeaters from their devices anywhere there’s internet. Users do not need to be members of our group to sign up for this system; yes, we’re happy to let anyone connect so long as they hold a valid GMRS license (which we verify!).

Interested repeater owners should look to join the myGMRS network and can contact us if you have any questions and would like to coordinate. If you need a hand or have questions, feel free to let us know.

We hope to see the number of Arizona repeaters on the myGMRS network grow in the future. If you have any questions or would like to work together to get your repeater online – please do not hesitate to contact us. If you are already part of the myGMRS network – consider joining us on the Arizona hub, or every Sunday for the National GMRS Net!