LEMMON 650 Access Information


Live view from Radio Ridge; Lemmon 650’s tower in the distance.

Access Information:

Use of the repeater is open to all GMRS license holders as defined in the terms of use. For information on how to obtain a GMRS license, click here

Actual SpecificationSimplified*
Input Frequency467.650 MhzChannel 19(R)
Output Frequency462.650 MhzChannel 19(R)
Input PL (CTCSS)141.3 HzCode 22 or 23
Output PL (CTCSS)141.3 HzCode 22 or 23

*Simplified specifications are to match up to channel and code (privacy code) assignments most typically found on consumer end radios such as Motorola, Midland, BTech and possibly others. Note that your radio will need to be repeater capable, which many GMRS radios are. Consult your user manual if you have trouble using these settings, or post a question in the forum if you need help!

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Coverage Area:

Approximate area shown in green and yellow below, dependent on your equipment and antenna height. Click to enlarge.

General Coverage – 100Km Radius
Detail of Pusch Ridge shadow area – use Tucson 550 for infill coverage

Traveler’s Services:

The repeater carries a number of remotely controllable automated services that may be useful as traveler’s services to those using the repeater. A list of commands can be found on the Repeater DTMF Commands page.

Summit Weather Conditions: