TGA Repeater DTMF Commands

What is DTMF?

Dual Tone Multi Frequency (“DTMF”) signalling is a form of in-band (audible) signalling used to remotely control equipment. DTMF signalling is most commonly heard in phone systems; it is the set of tones you hear when dialing a phone number. DTMF signalling is also used in radio communications for similar purposes, to enable and pass though functions to other systems, or selectively call other radios.

Many radios support DTMF signalling – basically any radio with a numerical keypad such as the BTech GMRS-V1. Radios without a keypad may still be able to send DTMF codes through a programmed menu, such as any of the Kenwood TK series radios. The commands are also available through the TGA RoIP system, where any of the clients can dial these commands.

My radio doesn’t have this, is there another way?

Yes! If your radio does not have a DTMF keypad, you just need a way to generate the tones. Probably the easiest way to do this is to download a smartphone app:

To use any of these, you would simply press the Push To Talk button on your radio and begin transmitting, hold the speaker of your phone against the radio microphone, dial the command, and release the PTT to send the command to the repeater.

So what can I do with this?

The following is a list of publicly available DTMF commands on TGA affiliated repeaters. Before using a command or series of commands, you will need to announce your call-sign for identification:

Local Repeater Functions

CodeCommand Description
*01Identify. This forces the repeater to send out its ID
*02System Status. The repeater will the nodes it is currently connected to.
*05Echo Test. This will record and playback your transmission as the repeater receives it. This is useful for doing a radio self-check. Enter the command and briefly speak, do not release the PTT between entering the code and speaking. The repeater will then play back a recording of your transmission as it was received.

Weather Reporting

CodeCommand Description
*40Detailed current weather conditions for the Tucson International Airport (National Weather Service, Station KTUS)
*41Detailed current weather conditions for the Marana Regional Airport (National Weather Service, Station KAVQ)
*42Detailed current weather conditions for the Phoenix International Airport (National Weather Service, Station KPHX)